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Featured Adoptable Pets

Age: est 5 years

Breed: pit bull/lab mix

Training: crate and leash trained, doing well with house training.

Sesko loves to cuddle and loves a good back rub! He is more laid back but does have a playful side.

Sesko does well with all of the dogs in his foster home which consist of small and large dogs. He does best with dogs who are not dominating. He also does well with cats, he just ignores them. He is a live and let live kind of guy.  Sesko is neutered and up to date on vaccinations.  He loves toys! He is quiet and not a big barker! Sesko's history: Sesko has quite the history. He was born here and was adopted. Twice. First adoption failed through no fault of his own. His owners were going through a hard time and had to move and their new place would not allow pit bulls/mixes. The second adoption, we thought was going great. Until one night, we were scrolling through FB at midnight and happened upon a shelter's album of dogs who needed rescue. And there he was. They were calling him Gabe and his last day was that day...and here it was midnight. We were contacting everyone we could at such hours and my heart was breaking and we were worried sick. We finally heard back and he was ALIVE! We scheduled to pick him up the next day and left work early to make sure we got there in time. We were reunited with lots of tears but we were SO thankful he was alive! This was almost a year ago, and we have yet to hear from his 'adopters' with numerous failed attempts. Sesko is hoping his "third time's a charm." Sesko deserves a loving, forever home...could that home be yours? Please contact us for more information on adopting Sesko.

Meet Sesko!

Meet Ariel!

Age: 2 years old
Breed: chihuahua/dachshund mix
Size: est 8lbs 

Ariel's rescue story:

Ariel came to us when her owners could no longer care for her. She came to us paralyzed from being attacked by a large dog when she was only 8  months old. She was also pregnant and had to have a c section shortly after her diagnosis. She had been through so much in her short life, but that never dulled her shine. When she first came to us, she was timid but it didn't take long for her to open up to the friendly, playful puppy she is. She also was diagnosed with demodex "puppy" mange and had lost a lot of her hair. She had severe abrasions from sitting in her own urine and dragging herself around. Her hair has since grown back, and she no longer has abrasions. She was referred to a Upstate Vet Specialists who ran tests and informed us that she is deep pain negative and not a candidate for surgery. Ariel has a wheelchair, but she gets around great without it as well. She is a very happy girl and doesn't realize she is any different. She adores kids and other dogs! While we understand caring for dogs like Ariel is more than most families are able to do, if the perfect home came along for Ariel, we would be so happy for her. However, she is welcome to stay with us as long as it takes!

If you'd like to send Ariel a care package, please visit our amazon wishlist or send us an email! She LOVES toys and goes through a lot of puppy pads. She also loves dentastix and other treats :)!

Adoption Updates

Anyone remember Lette (front), who was born partially blind and was one of our bottle babies? Here is an update with her sister! 

The adventures of Marley (formerly Shimmer)!

MRH Alumni Levi (left) with his brother Wylie! 

MRH Alumni Honey